Has he come to save the world… or to destroy it?

The Books

The Beginning

Book 1: Manga MUTINY begins with Satan’s Rebellion in the heavens and the Creation of the world. It continues with the Fall of Man, the Flood, and the dispersing of man at Babel. The story then follows the lives of the Patriarchs, thus ending with the life of Moses and Israel’s Exodus from Egypt to the Red Sea.

Kings of Israel

Book 2: Manga MELECH continues with Israel’s rebellion in the desert and the resulting wilderness journey. It then follows Israel’s conquest of Canaan, the period of the judges, and crowning of King Saul. The story then chronicles the life of David and ends with the coronation of King Solomon.


Book 3: Manga MESSENGERS begins with the reign of Solomon and the dividing of Israel after his death. It follows both Israel’s and Judah’s apostasy as well as Yahweh’s attempts to lead the people back to Himself thru the prophets. It ends with Israel’s captivity, restoration and return to Canaan.

The Savior

Book 4: Manga MESSIAH begins with the fulfillment of the Old Testament prophecies through the birth of Yeshua. It then follows his early childhood, his growth into adulthood and subsequent ministry to the people. The story ends with his betrayal, crucifixion and eventual victory over death.


Book 5: Manga METAMORPHOSIS begins with Yeshua’s Ascension and the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. It then follows the acts of the apostles that led to the growth of the early Church. It ends with Saul’s persecution of the Church, his dramatic conversion, and his resulting journeys that led him to Rome.

The Final Chapter

Book 6: Manga MAJESTY is the last book of the series – and the most recent to hit the shelves! It brings all things to conclusion with the story of John’s Revelation on the island of Patmos. Now an old man, the apostle John again encounters angels, Yeshua and many revelations that mark the end of days.