Has he come to save the world… or to destroy it?

Publishing Partner: Vida Nova

Vida Nova

Rua Antônio Carlos Tacconi, 63, Dutra City
São Paulo – SP – CEP 04810-020


(11) 3577 – 0177

Vida Nova is a publisher that publishes evangelical theological literature. Their mission is:

Publish and promote:

In addition to publishing books, EVN is a provider of theology, as it also works through congresses, conferences and events.


Theology is the study of God and the relationship between God and the world. EVN seeks to publish and promote the truths of God and his relationship with men.

High quality

The theology on which EVN’s products and services are based seeks to always be based on the Word of God and aims to understand the truth, doing everything according to the highest standard of quality.

Empower and Build

Our products are a means to achieve a greater goal, which is the training and building of churches and their leaders.

Churches and Their Leaders

EVN’s products and services aim to reach leaders, seminars and institutions that prepare leaders, as well as churches and their members.

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