Has he come to save the world… or to destroy it?

Publishing Partner: Hermon Forlag

Hermon Forlag

Hermon Forlag AS, Trondheimsveien 50 C, 2007 Basement



941 902 154

Hermon Forlag has for several years been Norway’s largest Christian publisher, but also has more general literature and is the market leader in small gift books. In the same publishing house you will also find the sister publishers Genesis Forlag and Bibelforlaget.

Hermon Forlag publishes 70-80 titles a year, from Norwegian to translated fiction, biographies and novels, children’s books, gift books, devotional books and Bibles, audio books, e-books and children’s Bible apps. The publisher wants to publish a versatile selection of literature that promotes knowledge about faith and Christian values.

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