Book 4: Manga MESSIAH


The book begins with the fulfillment of the Old Testament prophecies thru the birth of Yeshua. It then follows his early childhood, his growth into adulthood and subsequent ministry to the people. The story ends with his betrayal, crucifixion and eventual victory over death.

Manga (pronounced “mahn-ga”) is the Japanese word for comics. It has become a huge hit with American teens and tweens. Manga has emerged as the most popular comics category and is one of the fastest growing genres in American publishing. Appealing to kids and adults, readers will find this edgy rendition of the Gospel accounts both compelling and highly engaging. This authentic, cutting-edge art style is combined with fast-paced storytelling to deliver biblical truths to an ever-changing culture that is often a challenge to penetrate. This is genuine Japanese manga style, unlike other Christian “manga” books in the marketplace.

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