Has he come to save the world… or to destroy it?

Month: September 2021

  • Encouraging News from Tanzania

    Encouraging News from Tanzania

    “I have learned many words of Jesus and his disciples and I like it very much.” This report was texted to a sales manager for SomaBiblia by a 14-year-old in Kongowe, Tanzania. He was reading a copy of THE MESSIAH, a booklet that tells the story of Jesus Christ in just a few pages. We…

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  • 37,000 NEXT Manga books reached Puerto Rico

    A container with 37,000 Spanish and English manga books have just reached Puerto Rico. When we earlier sent a total of 80,000 books to Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, we received a detailed report saying that as a result of these books they were able to record a total of 18,062 new believers…

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