Has he come to save the world… or to destroy it?

Prison Outreach

Testimonies from a prison chaplain:

“We should invade the US prison system with these books.”

“Inmates just ate them up.”

“MANGA MESSIAH is the golden arrow.”

“You just know the kids will suck them up.”

From inmates at the youth detention center:

“It really connects with me”

“It’s really cool. It really gives me a good visual”

“God speaks to me through it.”

“Can I have the next one?” (with excitement and anticipation)

From a Canadian prison chaplain:

“I wanted to let you know that the creation of the Manga Bible books have been a real blessing here at the Young Offender Center. Many yout are reading them and taking them and taking them home for the siblings to read Kinds come up to me excited and tell me what they’ve read in the books. it has truly brought the Bible to Life for these young offenders.

Youth in this center range from age 13 to 18 and are convicted and sentenced. I have been working with these youth for almost 10 years and nothing has excited these kids more until your Manga series were printed. Thank you for bringing the word of God alive for these kids. You have helped to instill hope in them.”

We need your help in order to reach the most hopeless and lost. They need the good news and together we can give it to them.Give Now!

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