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Open Doors to Cuba

“Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.”
-Fredrick Douglas

Literacy. What a gift! And what better to learn to read than with MANGA MESSIAH – the Gospel story in manga form.

NEXT has partnered with sponsors and services in Cuba to present 44,400 copies of the book to the country’s young people. Another 6,000 copies have been given out in Puerto Rico. That’s 50,400 MANGA MESSIAH books into the hands of eager young readers. MANGA MESSIAH tells the story of the birth of Jesus, his youth and young adulthood, his leadership, his teachings and his legacy.

While it is exciting to be involved in helping young people learn to read, it’s equally amazing to see these young Cubans grow in Biblical literacy. The MANGA MESSIAH series teaches the stories and concepts of the Bible from Genesis through the New Testament and lays it all out in a way that is accessible by a new reader.

NEXT is excited to see the opportunities that exist and the way that God provides. A need arose for another container (38,400 copies) of Spanish Manga Messiah for Cuba. Because of friends and partners, God has now made this possible. NEXT has started printing these much needed, powerful books and is shipping them to deprived children and youth who will read them over and over again, enabling them to be transformed by the powerful Word of God.

A door has now opened up for NEXT to ship materials to Turkey and Greece. In addition to Farsi, we will ship more than 30,000 Arabic Manga Messiah to these countries.

So much is happening these days that it is hard to keep up. We are truly in need of prayer for all that God has put before us. Without partners who pray and give, this ministry simply cannot continue. YOU are of utmost importance to what we together, by God’s grace, are doing.Give Now!

The following testimony came from a ministry in Cuba:

My name is Myrna Topez, member of the Baptist Church of Jaimanitas, and I want to thank the brothers and sisters that have made possible this contribution to our mission because for many years we have been in need of this material. This material will enable us to continue the work that we have begun and it will facilitate its expansion to every corner. It truly has been very useful. I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart.

This photo shows children in Cuba reading Manga Messiah. Together, we are having a part in something of utmost importance and urgency. Let us continue to joyfully serve the Lord together.    

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